Customer Feedback 4

September 29, 2017

We had a fantastic time that truly will be tough to duplicate. The vehicle was tremendous, the courses, scenery, accommodations, food and service was terrific. Adrian was a perfect fit for our group, extremely accommodating and funny as hell, we had a really great time with him. Everything went off perfectly, even the weather cooperated. Can’t thank you enough for all that you did setting up a phenomenal bucket list golf trip to Ireland, and I speak for all the guys. It was awesome, even got to see a bunch of family which made it even better. Thanks for everything, I’ll certainly recommend you and contact you for future trips.

Vince Bryant
Massachusetts, USA

September 5, 2017

Marc, good afternoon where you are. Came back to reality all depressed. I don’t know where to begin, but thank you a for great trip and the excellent weather you ordered. Merely a single drop of rain, excellent golf courses. Lodging excellent with food as well and of course Guinness. Paul was great and kudos to him. We truly enjoyed his company. The people, what can I say, the most hospitable and humble! We have never been treated like this anywhere in the world. You can bet this is not the last time we come over and you can be rest assured that on behalf of my group, we will pass the good word of Ireland and your tour company too. Once again, thank you for a life time of memories that we shall cherish forever!

Arun Patel
Texas, USA

August 15, 2017

In one word, fantastic. Thank you for all of your planning and ensuring we had a great trip. The golf was great, the places and people were incredible. Thank you once again and I will share your contact with my many golf friends and if we ever come back your way we will contact you again. Thank You!

Kelly Scott
Alberta, Canada

August 11, 2017

Our vacation worked out exactly as I had hoped it would. Outstanding! Everything was excellent, especially the Fairmont in St Andrews. My entire family enjoyed every day. What really put it over the top was our driver Billy Fleming. After speaking with him for an hour, we felt like we knew him for 10 years. He was very safety conscious, punctual and polite. Every request of him was met with “no bother”. As a tour guide, he was exceptional also. Please relay to his superiors what an outstanding job that he did for us. His vehicle was also brand new which was very nice. Thanks for all of you assistance in putting our trip together. I will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone.

John Edholm
New York, USA

August 10, 2017

Marc, I just wanted you to know that our trip to Scotland was great. The courses were beautiful, lodgings were excellent (especially with Liz at Sandown House in Nairn) and the weather cooperated. Thank you for your excellent planning. If any of us ever do something like this again, you will be used.

Sam McNaught
North Carolina, USA

August 1, 2017

Wow, what a great trip. Magical. Killarney is our favorite place in Ireland. The hotel was fabulous, we didn’t need to lift a finger, the people were so kind and down to earth. I’m going to send you a picture of our golf at Lahinch. It’s safe to say that I earned my stripes that day, a day we will never forget. The Cliffs were breathtaking. The other golf days in Ireland were superb. Outstanding views. Thanks to Colm’s help we played with a nice couple from Ohio at Waterville, and are hoping to see them again. Ballybunion puts Pebble Beach to shame. Colm was a HUGE part of our experience in Ireland. He was helpful, kind, funny, knowledgeable, a true joy for Joseph and myself. All of our favorite places were recommendations from him and we would hire him again hands down.

St Andrews, which I now refer to as “The Big Stage,” was just not describable how we felt. The Rusacks is the ONLY way to go. We sat in the lounge for countless hours drinking whiskey and just watching the big stage. Our same caddies were with us both days, and we both played pretty damn well. The touring and restaurants were enjoyable but mostly because we walked, as opposed to taking the car! Favorite restaurants-Little Italy and The Tales End. This was a perfectly planned trip. Between you and us, Ireland is Numero Uno. The most beautiful country we’ve seen so far with the most genuine people. Thanks for all your help in making one of our dreams come true.

Robin & Joseph Nicosia
California, USA

July 19, 2017

Thank you Marc for everything! We had a great trip and I really enjoyed staying at Five Pilmour Place in St. Andrews, that was fantastic! Golf was incredible and overall weather worked out great for us. Much appreciated with everything you put together for Mike and this trip.

Shawn Jenkins
Ottawa, Canada

July 19, 2017

My son and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of visiting Ireland. The arrangements were first class and the courses we played were outstanding. The hotels were top of the line. Martin Farrell took very good care of us. He was a careful driver, always pleasant, always on time, very witty, and always eager to do anything we wished to make us happy. I would highly recommend you to my friends and hope to plan another trip in the future.

Stuart Bednoff
New York, USA

July 7, 2017

Our trip was outstanding and John was fantastic. We had a wonderful time. We got the full Scotland experience with nice weather, wind and rain and enjoyed all of it. Thanks again for all your help and have a great day.

George Howard
Florida, USA

June 19, 2017

Greetings Marc, I have to say that this trip really was a great one. Not moving around too often made it much easier. The Malton was very nice as were the staff and we cannot say enough great things about Perryville House. The house itself, the staff and the owners were amazing, as was the town and the food. Vaughan Lodge, while very simple, was very nice. They arranged to come in early to have a hot breakfast for us before our early tee time that day and the group dinner we had there was fantastic. The Fitzwilliam was in a great location in Dublin and a very busy place, and very nice as well. The golf was as expected great. Last but not least, Brendan was just the best possible person we could have had. It’s not easy trying to keep 8 or 9 ladies busy and happy while we were playing golf but he adapted the schedule for every request. His caring and friendly attitude made all the time on and off the bus a joy. Thanks again for putting together a great trip for the Potter Group.

Kevin & Peggy Steele
Florida, USA

June 19, 2017

Marc, we had a great time and you put together a terrific tour. The hotels were all very good and Brendan did a remarkable job in accommodating us. I am sure that you will hear the same from others in our group but I could not have been more pleased. We are already talking about another tour and would like your suggestions. Several people mentioned Northern Ireland as a possibility. Thanks again for your fine work.

Bill & Wendy Potter
Florida, USA

June 5, 2017

The trip was everything I assured the newbies that it would be and more. We all had a great time thanks in great part to the perfect attention to detail by our driver, John. He’s the best! Our group can be a bit off center and John figured that out quickly and fit right in. It made for a very good time for all. All of your arrangements were superb, especially Harvey’s Point and each course was great with each being better than the last. I hope to have another trip before too long and I’ll certainly be contacting you for arrangements. Thanks for everything.

Jim Webb
Connecticut, USA

May 29, 2017

Everything went perfectly smooth and Colin was excellent for the guys. Good man with good humour. Hope we didn’t push too many of his buttons. Had some beers flowing so we were loud at times but he was a great sport. Thanks for all the help. Everything was set up perfectly and couldn’t have asked for a better golf trip. We had all sorts of weather but nicer weather for the most part. It was good for the guys to see everything Scotland can offer! Thanks again and won’t hesitate to call you for next trip.

Rob Mews
Ottawa, Canada

May 28, 2017

Kingsbarns was absolutely great and I loved revisiting the Old Course. Really Marc, all of us loved the whole trip – your accommodation choices were fantastic, the car just right & the golf courses simply the best. You will have many more consistent clients from the Royal Melbourne group. Thanks a lot and I’m sure we will meet again.

Tony Dynon
Melbourne, Australia

May 25, 2017

Hi Marc, I am back in the Golf Inn in Gullane after completing my final round at North Berwick today. This final leg has been brilliant. The staff here are lovely people and after a long night on the whisky with them last night, one of them has brought in a special bottle for me to try tonight – there is just no way of escaping from the stuff! The 3 courses here were all great and the welcome today was outstanding. St Andrews was sensational and food, drink and accommodation excellent. I loved sitting on the bench outside the Dunvegan Pub with a pint watching the passing parade. Kingsbarns was a wonderful course and again their hospitality was excellent except for the 5 hour 10 minute game. They did however provide each of our group with a mini bar whisky after I gave them a serve.
It has been a wonderful trip and expertly arranged by you as usual. Many thanks again for all you have done.

John Wilson
Melbourne, Australia

October 21, 2016

We had a fantastic trip. Everything went smoothly, the accommodations were all very good and Steven was fantastic. Steven really added to our trip. He read he group well, participating in our conversation and banter at just the right level. He made some great recommendations and made sure that every detail was attended to. We would recommend him to anyone. The only feedback I got when I asked the group what they would change was one less night at Rufflets for dinner as the same menu 3 nights in a row got a bit monotonous. We will recommend you to our friends and families and I have a feeling you may be dealing with some of us again in the future.

Brent Davidson
Toronto, Canada

September 25, 2016

Thanks for the email Marc. The feedback I got was excellent, and we all had a lot of fun. Many people at my course in Ottawa are asking me about the trip, and I’m telling them to contact you if they want an excellent experience.

Maureen Donnelly
Ottawa, Canada

September 16, 2016

Marc, I’ve copied the entire squad so they can see your nice note and give you direct feedback. I can safely speak for each member of the group that the trip was an all-timer. The accommodations were outstanding, the logistics were perfect and the driver was exactly what this group needed. I’m glad to hear that Stevie had as much fun with us as we had with him. The only specific feedback I can give is keep doing what you’re doing. We all know that referrals are a big part of your business and you will undoubtedly get ours.

Thanks again and we’ll see you in few years.

Andy Trotter
Georgia, USA

September 12, 2016

This was one of the best vacations ever. The hotels were perfect, weather for the most part was excellent. The only tough day was at Portmarnock. Loved County Louth. My favorites were Royal Portrush and Ballyliffin. Least favorite was Castlerock. County Louth and Portstewart were close seconds.

All the best Marc,

Mike Corr
California, USA

September 9, 2016

Hi Marc, thanks for setting up the trip for us, it went off without a snag. We had a fabulous time on all fronts. I’ve come to find out that those little pictures of cameras on the road signs may mean we have tallied up quite a bill in fines. I hope they are forgiving of Irish Americans lol! Thanks much.

Steve Brady
Virginia, USA

August 31, 2016

Marc, thank you so much for your great organisation. Everything was fantastic including the weather. We only had a few spots of rain on two days! Unheard of I was told. We all loved Dom. He made it so enjoyable, very funny sense of humour which kept up laughing. So thank you Marc. We are all now in various parts of Europe extending our holidays. I would be happy to post a great review when I get back.

Carolyn Pigot
Sydney, Australia

August 18, 2016

Hope you are well. I just wanted to thank you for an incredible trip. What a magnificent week of golf and sightseeing. Joe was amazing and everything was so perfectly planned and executed. The icing on the cake was certainly the weather, not a drop of rain with the exception of a tiny drizzle on one hole at Lahinch. It doesn’t get better than that! We have two young children at home so it is time to go but we can’t wait to plan our next trip back to Ireland! We still have many courses to play. Thank you again!

Sherry Chiou
New York, USA

July 29, 2016

Thanks for a terrific trip. The golf courses were unbelievable. The hotels and towns we stayed at were great. Our driver Jerry was fantastic, very friendly, funny, helpful and on time. Had great suggestions for sightseeing and food. He added a lot to the trip. Thanks again for a great itinerary.

Rich Vitale
North Carolina, USA

July 28, 2016

Hi Marc. Just a quick note to thank you for an amazing experience. How you managed the weather is incredible! We had all the flash wet weather gear and never used it. Will write a reference when we get home. A huge thank you.

Ian & Jane Paterson
New Zealand

July 18, 2016

Marc, everything was fabulous! The golf, the hotels, the driver, everything! Thank you for another fabulous vacation, and we look forward to planning next year with you. Thanks again!

Sue Miller Kirby
Pennsylvania, USA